First International PhD Forum held at NUPS (ENG)

The Doctorates’ Council of NUPS held their very first introductory meeting for International PhD students on 1st October. Participation was in high numbers; moreover, students had the chance to know each other better, exchange their ideas about the world, articulate their concerns to the council members and enjoy tasty South American food. The members of the Doctorates’ Council talked about the activities/projects that they have done and planned to do so far. Furthermore, the members emphasized that they are always open to future new event/project ideas.

The Doctorates’ Council aims to integrate and engage international students to the doctoral community and active student life at the university. In alignment with this, the organization pays attention to provide professional and scientific possibilities for international PhD students – including conference and publication opportunities, community building programs and professional workshops organized in English.

A new initiative of workshop series titled the Hungarian culture and language workshop is organized for the first time at the university designed for the necessities of the foreign students. The workshop aims to provide the “survival kit” for students both regarding the Hungarian culture, the basics of the Hungarian language and some of the useful information about the life in Hungary.

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