Konferencia felhívás - "Elections – Democracy – Covid-19. Lessons from Europe" conference

Konferencia felhívás - Call for application

We are pleased to announce the "Elections – Democracy – Covid-19. Lessons from Europe" conference.

The aim is to foster the scholarly debate around the problem of Covid-19’s impact on democracy in Europe, with a particular attention given to the elections held in times of the pandemic and under extraordinary conditions.
Apart from the research focused on the impact of pandemics, we also welcome papers researching broader electoral topics: rules and representation, elections and the state of democracy in hybrid regimes and flawed democracies, European Parliament elections, performance of populists, emergence of the greens, and the (lack of) appeal of mainstream parties, along with other trends in party systems of Europe.

It is our distinct pleasure to invite scholars interested in elections, political parties, and democracy to showcase their research, present findings, and engage in a debate with colleagues from all over the continent.

Application is open until September 30, 2021.
There is no registration fee.
Draft papers should be sent by February 5, 2022.
The online event will be hosted by the University of Warsaw, on February 24, 2022.

Please find the complete Call for papers enclosed.