Noémi Emőke Baráth

Noémi Emőke Baráth is the vice-president of the Doctorates’ Council of the National University of Public Service, and the founding president of the Department of Law Enforcement of the National Association of Doctoral Students. She finished her studies at the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd University, gaining a master's degree in criminology, and also gaining a master's degree in sociology at the Corvinus University of Budapest. She is currently a PhD student at the Doctoral School of Law Enforcement, University of Public Service. Her main area of ​​research is law enforcement education and criminal psychology. She is a Research Assistant at the Criminal Psychology Research Workshop. She is also a delegated representative on several committees of the university (Doctoral Student Social Affairs Committee, Equal Opportunities Committee). She participated in the Accreditation Visiting Committee of Doctoral Schools of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee as a doctoral student representative. In her work, she considers it important to develop the community, to represent the interests of students and to make the academic career attractive. She is a committed believer in knowledge sharing and social responsibility.